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What is weird?

Let’s just say, I’ve always been known as a weirdo. In school I would participate in class, probably too much for anyone’s liking. Some people may call it being inquisitive, others may call it being annoying. You get the gist. And skipping. I was a big skipper of hallways back in the day. Also, I spent quite a bit of time with the library peeps who liked to play World of Warcraft. And like I mentioned before, I was very well known for my laugh.

Now, I never saw any of this as weird funny enough.

I thought I was the normal one and everyone else was the weird ones. They would laugh the same, talk the same, dress the same and it confused me! I couldn’t understand why people wanted to fit in so badly that they would change their identity for it. The only way I found out I was the supposed weird one was because someone mentioned it to me in passing one or two times.

Of course I struggled like every other girl with wanting to be skinny and blah blah blah, but that was never about fitting in. That was about being the best athlete I could be. I felt I couldn’t be the best version of me unless I constantly challenged myself, even if the challenges bordered on obsessive compulsive tendencies. And okay yeah maybe one or two people mentioned I was chubby when I was younger. And let’s be real, that girl still lives within me. BUT what I am getting at is I’ve owned my weirdness from day one, even with family remarks to shave my armpits or to speak in a lower frequency for the sake of humanity.

I have remained the same and I am proud of that.

Not enough of us really take the time to recognize our strengths because we’re constantly bombarded with our own self criticism, which is why I am taking the time right now to let everyone know that I am a complete weirdo and I am proud of it.

What are you proud of?


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