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Write about your tattoos

The ink is my memory
My reach into the past
Each line is like a hand I can't help but take
The escape is so real
One more hit, one more feel
You'll understand if you get one
It will make you come undone
The addiction tastes warm
Like crawling back into your mother's womb
It eases me
And when it is finished, I get to see my heart beat hung on my skin
Knowing nothing is akin
I am unique, regardless of what you say
And I will continue this investment of art until every dollar is paid


lover of words

5 thoughts on “Write about your tattoos

  1. I had a henna before. You know, just to know what it feels like to have a tattoo and it’s somehow true that it feels great. Lol. I just need to erase it because my Mom would be furious .😂

    Great post!

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    1. Haha I remember as a kid I got a henna tattoo because my parents were against them as well. And even when they spotted the henna tattoo I remember my dad being furious. And then when he saw my real tattoo years later he called me white trash so trust me I get the slight fear. Lol


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