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To be honest, I don’t get it.

I’m 28 and in a long term relationship, but with no kids.

So I know I can’t relate.

But seriously why all the fuss?

Why the desperation for your own child?

I’m not being cruel, I just simply don’t understand.

Are all the hormones really worth it?

Are all the long nights, hard cries, pity partying, fights with your partner to have scheduled sex, worth it?

Please enlighten me.

Because I’m struggling to see what your legacy will offer when all I see are the millions of children born homeless.

Why do you need your own?

Please, enlighten me.


lover of words

2 thoughts on “IVF

  1. Can’t help you with this one I’m afraid my friend… I made the decision long ago to not have kids.
    Much as I love other people’s I’m not built for that kind of responsibility 😳🖤


    1. Ya I just am watching an old friend go through this self made struggle and I feel for her but I also think there are bigger issues in the world so my empathy is slightly smaller.
      Like why force destiny? If you’re suppose to have one, then you’ll have one. Don’t stress the small stuff.

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