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Write about your tattoos

The ink is my memory
My reach into the past
Each line is like a hand I can't help but take
The escape is so real
One more hit, one more feel
You'll understand if you get one
It will make you come undone
The addiction tastes warm
Like crawling back into your mother's womb
It eases me
And when it is finished, I get to see my heart beat hung on my skin
Knowing nothing is akin
I am unique, regardless of what you say
And I will continue this investment of art until every dollar is paid
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dragons in the night

The sounds of night alarm me
Crick, crack
Movement tip toeing on the tin roof
Is it a possum or a dragon
My mind cannot see shapes so it makes its own
That use to be a tree, but now it is a person spying on me
How do I make sense of it all
Just like nightmares, the shadows warp my fears
I imagine surrender
The waving of the white flag
But something fights in me
Reminding me what's real
I cannot let them win
So I lean on my next inhale and open the bin
To hiss at the possums playing with trash
Get out of here
Be gone, I say
I have slayed the dragon
So now they must obey.
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Tash Sultana

That freedom
It inspires me
Her spirit lifts me 
All I can feel is her song in my breath
Telling me to breathe.
How can she let go?
She strikes me fearless 
But I don't care.

If fear is what it takes

Then let me be the first to open the door

Because I want her freedom.

I want it in my skin

My heart is begging for a chance
To be seen for more.
Give me that care free
Give me that dream
Because she is fire
So let me breathe in my desire.

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Who needs drugs when we have words?

Things that drip off our soul in the dark of night
Beautiful like stars they shine for us
Grasping, flailing I seek them
Lovingly I reach for them, but their dance is ever lasting
I cannot hold them
Yet I feel them in the air
Breathing in
Breathing out
I taste them
I’m alive with them
Only for a moment
Do I share a dance with them
A partnership that will move a lifetime
I want to be in their embrace
Because all I am is theirs
The silence is unbearable without them
So let them drip off my soul
And drink from my hope
They’re calling for me